Van Gogh is back in Arles …  thanks to a dialogue with the artists of the XX th and XXI st centuries: such was the challenge required by the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in Arles. Housed in the former mansion of Léautaud de Donines (XV th c.) in the heart of an area listed as UNESCO World Heritage, the space designed by Fluor Architecture succeeds in meeting the challenge of combining rehabilitation & extension within the context of the highest demands of heritage, museum and art. MYAMO was the client representative during this operation, from the concept design until the opening to the public.

  • Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles | agence cameleon

Client : Vincent van Gogh Foundation in Arles.
MYAMO’s Mission : client representative.
Project Management : Fluor Architecture (architect), R2M (economist),
G2i (technical), Beccamel (technical).

  • 140000 Visitors / summer 2016
  • 2500
  • 11 M€ construction works
  • 2014 Public opening