The restructuring project & building additions of the Hotel d’Arlatan in the heart of Arles, turns out to be a wonderful heritage challenge. A unique example of inhabited historic monument, this 4000 m² site (41 rooms) concentrates several centuries of Arles heritage: from the Baths of Constantine (IVth c.), an ancient basilica (Vth c.), a gothic palace (XIIIth c.).  Some redesigns took place in the XVIIIth and the XXth centuries. MYAMO leads the delicate task of rehabilitation and development of this hotel.

  • Hôtel l'Arlatan

Client : Private.
MYAMO’s Mission : project management.
Interior designer : Jorge Pardo Sculpture
Architect : Max Romanet Architectes (architect),
Architecture et Héritage (conservation architect).
Engineering teams : BE2L (technical), Vial (technical), BMI (technical),
Cabinet Morère (economist).

  • 41 Rooms
  • 4000
  • 11 M€ construction works
  • 2018 End of works